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The War Show – succes på festivaler i hele verden

The War Show har i løbet af de sidste uger haft stor succes på festivaler over hele verden. I denne uge har den igen vundet på to internationale festivaler. På Istanbul Independent Film Festival vandt TWS kategorien “Love&Change” og festivalen gav følgende stærke tale om kategorien:

“To watch these films, with love as a criterion and guide, was in itself a provocation and reminder that transformations in the smallest details of love have ramifications of extraordinary breadth.”

Udover dette siger de følgende om filmen:

“We have chosen The War Show for this year’s award. It is a love letter to friends, to a homeland, and a moment in time whose ruptures live with us all. In the face of cynicism, fatigue and suspicion, The War Show perseveres, laying bare its wounds to embody questions that step beyond easy answers. There is so much to balance in this film, and yet that difficulty becomes part of the film’s strength. Emotionally and politically it maps the ground of one of the most complicated of terrains while being open about innocence, about confusion, and about failures. We must search out the tenderest of seeds, it seems to say, if we are to sow another future.”

THE_WAR_SHOW_02_©Obaidah Zytoon

The War Show vandt også hovedkategorien til Murcia International Film Festival IBAFF og de havde følgende at sige om vinderen:

“The Jury of the 8th edition of the IBAFF, has decided to give the award for best feature film to The War Show, co-directed by Andreas Møl Dalsgaard and Obaidah Zytoon. For transmitting, from a female point of view, the evolution of the Syrian conflict and for using and understanding the cinema as a weapon against totalitarianism.”

Instruktøren har efterfølgende udtalt følgende:

“We are very proud of these awards, and send our utter most respect and appreciation to the festivals, for receiving and understanding the message behind the film.”

THE_WAR_SHOW_03_©Obaidah Zytoon

Vi er hos Postyr utrolig stolte af at have været med helt fra begyndelsen på dette projekt og glæder os over at følge TWS succesfulde festivalliv.

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